Datto Drive offer 1TB Storage OwnCloud 免费for 1 year

Datto Drive offer 1TB Storage OwnCloud 免费for 1 year

Datto launched this last year you get 1TB of Owncloud storage 【免费】 for a year. After the one year period MSRP is $10每月.

SignUp Here: https://dattodrive.com/

Request Demo: http://www.datto.com/request?ref=/drive/

About Datto Drive

Datto Drive ​is the new FSS (file synchronization、sharing) service being launched by Datto in early 2016. Datto Drive uses hardware resources that are built, owned、managed by Datto in the Datto Cloud. Datto Drive leverages OwnCloud Enterprise.

Datto Drive is the first cost effective file sync、share platform for business, privately deployed and防护 by the secure Datto Cloud. Easily enable Datto Drive locally or in the cloud to keep files、folders in sync across user devices,、share business files in-、outside of the organization. Automatically backup、recover files on-demand, ensuring business data is可用 even if servers fail.

Datto Technology

Datto Drive is an n-tier web application providing cloud防护 file sync、share for businesses. Built on an industry standard LAMP stack, the system is comprised of Linux, Apache, MariaDB、PHP code, with some javascript for web browser UI interactions.

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