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CloudJiffy – VPS Cloud Platform For Developers – 14 day trial free

CloudJiffy - VPS Cloud Platform For Developers - 14 day trial free

CloudJiffy – Belongs to Next Generation cloud services商家 which combines PaaS、Containers.

Signup for your 免费14 day trial here – https://cloudjiffy.com/

CloudJiffy main features

  • Based on Virtuozzo 7 / Jelastic
  • Anything-as-a-service – CloudJiffy will auto-deploy your preferred stack as a highly-available cluster Automatically, within Minutes.
  • Automatic Vertical scaling – Set your container to 128 MB内存and let it scale upto 128 GB of内存, as、when required. Perfect option for LET’s Idling Containers.
  • Cloudlets – Containers are set、measured in Cloudlets used – each cloudlet is 128MB内存and 400Mhz CPU
  • Hourly Billing – Your container(s) are billed per hour, based on number of Cloudlets used.
  • Docker Hub – CloudJiffy connects to Docker Hub so that you can deploy any public or private Docker template.

CloudJiffy DevOps features

  • Web SSH/RDP – Web based SSH、RDP within CloudJiffy portal – No need to use Putty.
  • File manager – Edit config files, application files, upload/remove files、folders within the portal.
  • Statistics – View CPU, RAM, Disk, Traffic stats within CloudJiffy on a per container basis.
  • Logging – View application、container logs within the interface.
  • Clone Environments – Clone running VPS, containers or entire environments.
  • Collaborations- Collaborate with users giving them limited/无限 access to one or more environments.
  • Alerts – Automated load alerts are setup for each of your containers are configurable through the interface.
  • Horizontal Scaling – Setup triggers、load balancers for automated horizontal scaling.

CloudJiffy Pricing

* PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE – Next Generation Cloud Pricing Model

Reserved cloudlets

1 Cloudlet = 128MB内存+ 400Mhz CPU

1GB内存and 1 CPU core (3.2Ghz) would be equivalent to 8 cloudlets

These cloudlets are reserved in advance (using our Portal). You always pay for the reserved cloudlets, even if you use fewer resources.

Dynamic cloudlets

Instant dynamic scaling resources for your application. You 仅 pay for Dynamic Cloudlets in use. Use the Scaling Limit in the topology wizard to set the maximum allowed per server.

The折扣 level is the total sum of all Dynamic Cloudlets in use per environment.

CloudJiffy Network

US West1

  • 洛杉矶, California based Tier 3 Datacenter – Same datacenter used by Leapswitch Networks .
  • Intel Xeon E5 Servers with 256-512GB内存.
  • 1000mbps network – 100mbps limit per container .
  • SSD RAID10 .
  • 99.99% Network、Power uptime SLA.

IN West1

  • Pune, India based Tier 3 Datacenter – Same datacenter used by Leapswitch Networks.
  • TATA, Vodafone, Airtel、NIXI network.
  • Intel Xeon E5 Servers with 256-512GB RAM.
  • 1000mbps network – 100mbps limit per container.
  • SSD RAID10.
  • 99.99% Network、Power uptime SLA.

Payment methods –

  • USD – Major Credit Cards (via Stripe)
  • USD – PayPal
  • INR – Credit cards/Debit Cards/Net Banking (Indians, via Instamojo)
  • INR – Check / Cash / NEFT (HDFC, Kotak)
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