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[黑色星期五 2020] Hostinger – 优惠90% Premium 虚拟主机 + 免费域名

[黑色星期五 2020] Hostinger - 优惠90% Premium 虚拟主机 + 免费域名

Finally the best season of the year is here,、Hostinger are starting it early to make it even more exciting! This year Hostinger will have 2 黑色星期五 Sales, with the first one starting on Monday, 9th Nov.

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域名 Names Sale – 最高优惠90% (starting at $0.89)

The first 黑色星期五 sale for 域名 Names will run 最低 9th Nov 最高22nd Nov. The折扣 will be applicable the following TLDs:

  • .online
  • .site
  • .space
  • .store
  • .tech
  • .website
  • .xyz

And there is more! For your audiences they are offer an additional 优惠10% 虚拟主机 with 优惠券 – BLACKFRIDAY

90% OF Premium 虚拟主机 + 免费域名

Next Sale: Premium 虚拟主机 + 免费域名 优惠90% (starting at $1.89) 最低 23rd 十一月

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